Experience Balinese Cultural Village at Bali Budaya

Welcome to the island of Bali, an island with a diversity of unique cultural features. Bali Budaya, supported by the residents of Banjar Batusepih, invite you to explore and enjoy the values of today’s traditional Balinese farming life.

Bali Budaya, established in 1983, is a family cooperative that accommodates the sculptors in Banjar Batusepih and its surrounding areas.

The Village

Located on a block of land of almost 2 hectares in area, and supported by the community and its natural environment, Bali Budaya has developed it self into an organizer of tourism activities related to Balinese customs, culture and daily activities.

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The Insights

Tourists will learn new insights regarding today’s life of the Balinese traditional farmers, which is our day-to-day life, while our local community will enjoy the direct economic and educational effects of the programs without losing its cultural roots.

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The Journey

Bali Budaya offer special programs for those who want to experience the Balinese Hindu spiritual journey. These journeys have been carefully designed to meet your itinerary schedules and available for personal, couple or groups of family or friends.

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Wedding Blessing, Art Performances, Cooking Class, Trekking and more...

The village tours arranged by Bali Budaya.

The Village Tour

All programs conducted by Bali Budaya begin with an introduction to the daily activities of living in a Balinese village. You will be invited to interact with young children studying at a school or to see their spare time activities such as dancing, playing traditional musical instruments and learning a foreign language.

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Wedding Blessing

For those who are enjoying their honeymoon or celebrating their wedding anniversary, we also conduct a Balinese traditional wedding blessing ceremony. This procession starts with a ritual called segehan, a ritual to cleanse oneself from spiritual impurities...

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Wedding Blessing Ceremony conducted by Bali Budaya.
Rice Field Trekking arranged by Bali Budaya.

Rice Filed Trekking

You can do this activity at your preferred time. If you want to see the sunset at the end of the trekking, you can do this in the afternoon. On the other hand, if you want to see the sunrise, choose a time in the early morning. This program is suitable for those who want to exercise while enjoying the beauty of the rice fields...

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Lila Budaya Introduction to Art Performances...

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Melukat - Balinese Spititual Cleansing Ritual...

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Experiencing First Hand Cooking Balinese Cuisine...

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